Who is jon seda dating jake gyllenhaal and austin nichols dating

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Bottom line: Voight would be a great trophy for Woods in this era of police reform.

Burgess also revealed in this episode that she's dating someone else.

No, it isn’t someone that viewers have seen already. How is her relationship with this new person different from her relationship with Ruzek?I think Ruzek and Burgess will always have a very intense romantic connection. Season 3, Episode 1September 30, 2015In the Season 3 premiere, a detective is abducted by a heroin kingpin; Lindsay's downward spiral continues; Olinsky confides in Platt about a secret from his past; and Roman shares his worries with Burgess about her impending marriage to Ruzek.Season 3, Episode 11January 13, 2016A burglary-sexual assault at a luxury condo is investigated; and Lindsay, Halstead, Atwater and Ruzek go undercover in an attempt to catch the perpetrators.In other events, Voight tries to help a former acquaintance; and Platt and Mouch receive disappointing news about their upcoming wedding.

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