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So why do we use the word “Lucifer” as a personal name for Satan? According to shamelesspopery: On its face, this is about the King of Babylon, but it’s not hard to see the subtext: that it’s also about the fall of Satan, who tried to hoist himself above the Lord God.

This is made clearer in light of the New Testament, in which Christ says, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” (Luke ).

And since the Latin Vulgate translates “Day Star” as “Lucifer,” it’s how that title for the devil came about. Just look at Revelation , “I Jesus have sent my angel to you with this testimony for the churches.

For the controversy is not merely as regards the day, but also as regards the form itself of the fast.And the presbyters preceding Sorer in the government of the Church which thou dost now rule-I mean, Anicetus and Pius, Hyginus and Telesphorus, and Sixtus-did neither themselves observe it [after that fashion], nor permit those with them to do so.Notwithstanding this, those who did not keep [the feast in this way] were peacefully disposed towards those who came to them from other dioceses in which it was [so] observed (although such observance was [felt] in more decided contrariety [as presented] to those who did not fall in with it; and none were ever cast out [of the Church] for this matter.The payer is called the Exsultet, prayed each year at the Easter Vigil to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, here it is: So why is the world Lucifer in a Catholic prayer?The Catholic church say that Lucifer means “light-bearer” (lux is “light,” as you may know from fiat lux, “let there be light”.

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But in a quirk of history, based largely on the Latin Vulgate (in language that the KJV borrowed), “Lucifer” became associated with the devil as a common name.