Online hot chat makedonija

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Online hot chat makedonija

It is dedicated to uncovering the "weakness of the Zionist entity", i.e. It attempts to convince the Arab world that Israel could easily be destroyed, for example, by an increase in the Arab population and the implementation of the Palestinian right of return.Further talk shows include Hadith al-sa'a (Talk of the Hour), Matha ba'ad (What's Next?In order to compete with these emerging stations, and in order to find an international audience, Al-Manar announced its intention to launch a satellite channel on 9 March 2000.Muhammad Ra'd, a Hezbollah member of parliament and al-Manar's largest shareholder, submitted the request to the minister of transmission, which was approved in April 2000.Several talk shows are regularly aired on al-Manar.

The point-of-view of the programming is strongly anti-Israel and anti-US.Initially, Al Manar would broadcast only five hours per day.Shortly before the 1992 election, it began broadcasting regular news bulletins in order to help Hezbollah attain more votes and spread its message to more people.On 18 September, the Lebanese Cabinet decided to grant Al-Manar a license after having been requested to do so by then Syrian president Hafiz al-Asad. During the 1990s, the popularity of satellite broadcasting greatly increased in the Arab world and in Lebanon.The first Lebanese station to use this technology was Future Television, launching Future International SAT in 1994, while LBCI and the Lebanese government followed by launching LBCSAT and Tele Liban Satellite respectively.

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It also sources stories from Iranian news agencies such as FARS and IRNA.

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