Mom do sex chat with her own son

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Mom do sex chat with her own son

Thanks: Tex Beethoven, Robert, Dave and Wayne for editing this story. being a full-time Mommy-slut is exhilarating and can almost become a full-time job. Thanks also to: All the votes, comments and e-mails about this series. Momplusoneequalsfun: Mine hasn't really figured out the sweet part yet. Curiousmom: I can't fathom how it could be any better.

********* This is the third story by my wife, Lisa. Oh God, I'm cumming" I screamed out." "My son is making me cum." And with that, I felt my son's cum shoot into me with a force I never felt before.

but now I didn't see him as only my son, but as my son and lover.

So although I usually would have shared this exciting news that I'd found a man with Laurie...

I recommend a quality lube as it will make things way easier. I most definitely hadn't shocked her, but the other way around. "Yes, I did," I agreed, closing my eyes and letting the pleasure build within me.

Momplusoneequalsfun: I would HIGHLY recommend that you go to one and purchase an anal starter kit and lube. The third one will seem unfathomable to ever fit in your ass... " she asked, not at all surprised by the real reason I was here. "The biggest one is a bit ambitious," she smiled as if reading my mind. It felt really, really weird sitting down with it inside me. "Your dick is mine." "You did tailor it to your own specifications," he joked.

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