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Even others believe that accordionist Nico Lora started the music, and there was another style of music called the tumba at the time which merengue was considered less popular as.However, the merengue later displaced the tumba, and became more popular in the 1930s .The rhythms of those rituals, which would become merengue, were played on drums, especially the tambora, a double-headed drum that was originally rope-tuned.Ethnomusicologists have confirmed that there was a wide distribution of tambora-like drums throughout the African continent.

Moralists tried to ban the music and the provocative dance done to it, with little success.

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We’ve just finished redesigning it, and now you can submit information on groups, events, and more yourself! Originally a collaboration between accordionist David David and ethnomusicologist Sydney Hutchinson, the goals were to provide information to fans of the music and publicity for típico musicians at a time in which almost nothing on this genre was available online .

In addition, the slaves used shakers, which would later be replaced by the güiras, and guitars, which were obtained because of their common distribution.

From the 1880s-1900s, there were many changes brought about merengue.

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The bpm of the music has also transformed, originally between 130 to 140 bpm, but today is sometimes sped up from 160 to190 bpm.

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