Hippofant online dating

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Hippofant online dating

Should you be of the opinion that it is impossible to actually have a decent match once you get to WWE these days, feel free to scope this match out and learn otherwise.

Not to say that it is perfect by any stretch of the imagination.

) but fucked if it wasn’t a crazy and wonderful surprise to see him get his due in the midst of his first hot storyline in years. They kick out of finishers and keep coming back for more, and no end seems to be in sight, until the inevitable becomes the reality. They swarm to the door with a pair of bolt cutter to force their way inside, but in a rare show of “having ballsedness” the ref takes the bolt cutters away and tells them all to get lost. Now all that is left is the Nexus and an extremely pissed off John Cena.

Obviously this doesn’t work, but then another ref shows up with the key. Most of Nexus have the good sense to leave at this point, having proved their point significantly.

Alicia, for her part, is substantially less green than Eve, and looks great in the ring, but she doesn’t bring anything to her role. Two of the greatest and most prolific familiaes in wrestling history.

She’s just kind of there and happens to be the champion and that’s all. Here, 6 members (in one way or another) of those esteemed families have gathered to have a match that is dozens of years in the making.

He has no personality, he has no spark, he has no charisma, and he has no notable wrestling skill. As a result of all of this, this match is dead in the water from the get go.Swagger plays his role brilliantly as the dangerous technician, and Rey leads him through a match that never takes its breath and never ceases to entertain. 6 months ago he has a one time flukey champion that everyone was waiting to see lose the title because he had gotten it way too soon. As a result, the loud boos have started to fade when Cena is around, and the cheers have gotten louder.And by the end they accomplished something I would simply not have believed possible a year ago. He gets tossed onto a ladder standing on the outside, then he rides another one into the ring and lands on the main ladder. – …that it does him much good as Edge traps him inside the ladder and he and Miz pummel him with another ladder until his abs cry. And now today not only does he look right wearing the title, but he looks like an equal standing across the ring from John fucking Cena. Along the way he became a fantastic heel wrestler, a truly over character, and one of the more comfortable mic workers in the entire company. Maybe what John Cena needed all along wasn’t to turn heel.The big guy has no (as of me writing this now) already broken his personal best for being world champion, as he successfully passed the one day marker he set way back when. I will never get used to the guy from the Real World being a serious WWE title contender. He invented this match, and he’ll never, ever win it. Edge throws a ladder into the ring and everybody kills each other while he kicks back and watches. Sheamus bullies him, harries him and embarrasses him at every turn, just savoring his opportunity to show John Cena up and make himself legit once and for all.I have to tell you, that I have no idea why Kane is our champion right now, and can only imagine that it is leading to a showdown with the Undertaker down the road (Hell in a Cell? Cena does his fighting back, Sheamus shuts him down again and again, and they proceed like that, locked in struggle all through the tense minutes here. They attempt to climb into the cage as a group, but Cena fights them off as they come one at a time. Then Cena and Sheamus scramble to escape before they get trapped, and thanks to Nexus holding Cena at bay, Sheamus manages to escape first and immediately bounce out of the building through the crowd, still champion.

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