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I also spend quite a bit of time (probably more than I should) researching Walt Disney and everything related to him and his company. Favourite Shows: I have watched many cartoons over the years, and it's really difficult to pick an overall favourite.

So I'll give you a top ten list (which will probably change, since none of these are set in stone). Johnny and his dad have a relationship on the mend.

Warnings: AU (take this seriously), OOC (take this one seriously too! The man who finally shows up to deliver him from perdition, however, is the opposite of everything Seto could have ever anticipated. Meanwhile: Sheriff is reminded of his age, Doc is plotting, Strip is a boy scout busy body, Mc Queen just wants to keep his reputation intact, and somehow it's all coming back at Chick. What was going through Rick Sanchez's mind as he saw that Jellybean walk out of that bathroom? (UPDATE) This story will now expand on other profound moments in the Rick and Morty show. Tsuna has long since considered his guardians as family, and they have grown to care for each other deeply.

Collection of drabbles surrounding the theme: hugs.

The Forces of Evil, Hotel Transylvania, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yowamushi Pedal/弱虫ペダル, Jungle Book, Sing, 2016, Eyeshield 21, Samurai Jack, Cars, Finding Nemo, Milo Murphy's Law, and Total Drama series.-Pros of Being Disney Guardians Anyone remember this? Will be finished in about three or four chapters.-Despicable Wedding Sequel to . Interests: Pretty much just watching cartoons and anime.

It'll be about six to ten chapters long.-Chosen Girl and the Rise of Voldemort Hoping to get a chapter out sometime this month. That's been my life since I was little, so why change now?

He refused to believe he couldn't save Sam from her own death. But freedom doesn't mean safety, and three years later Ash finds himself emotionally shattered, with the true killer still on the loose. M for violence.]After yet another failed attempt to kill Bart, Sideshow Bob realizes his life is a sham and vows to start anew.

But you know what they say; When life hands you lemons, you make sure they're organic, and hide them from your roommates. When he finds a forgotten prisoner, he decides to attempt to nurse the other back to health, to do at least one thing right, and sets off a chain of events to start fixing some of what's so wrong with his universe., Criminal Minds, Lilo & Stitch, Dark Wing Duck, Penguins of Madagascar, Top Cat, How to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar, Sofia the First, Ice Age, Rocket Power, X-Men: Evolution, Little Mermaid, Casper, Simpsons, Avatar: Last Airbender, Gravity Falls, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, One Piece, Rick and Morty, Prince of Tennis, Law and Order: CI, Star Vs. I've written out all important chapter points and character profiles so I have a concise summary to remind me where I've left off.It contains family fluff and the main characters may vary.We all know of Ash's adventures around the Pokemon world, but what about the rest of the gang left behind in Pallet Town?

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When Lance was planning to win back Ash, he clearly wasn't planning on dealing with a koala with serious self-defense skills. Or a SHOTGUN-wielding sheep with serious dating issues.