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If, on the other hand, your resident doesn't want to talk about Patient Smith, or Patient Anyone, don't push. Non-medical things are interesting to residents, especially after a 27 hour shift talking only about medicine. Also understand if the last thing your resident wants to watch on a day off are shows about medicine.

But if your resident wants to talk about Patient Smith, and wants reassurance that he or she didn't accidentally kill Patient Smith, try and listen. People in law or finance or medicine or anything technical. If you are dating a resident, try and read some stuff about residency. Understand the frustration, and let your resident vent for fifteen seconds before continuing the show.

Your resident is not automatically your family's new free doctor.

Tell your family not to ask for free medical advice, or, even worse, prescriptions.

So please do not wake us up early on days we can sleep in. Let us know if you have been in an ER waiting room for hours. The things we hear, the diseases we see, the people we touch, the emotional burden we bear, the hours we work, and the medical responsibility we have—those are things you will never experience.

Find out your MD/ DO's means of escape from the hospital and make sure you R-E-S-P-E-C-T it. We would love some—homecooked, deli, leftovers from a restaurant. Life becomes very lame when all of your fluid intake/output is at the hospital.

Remember, jellos and saltine crackers are not dinner.

And you don't have to care about what happened to Patient Smith. I am sure that there are couples out there who don't know many details about the other person's job. Without someone having at least a basic understanding of what I do, I don't know where to start the conversation. Your resident will grow frustrated as he or she sees the doctor touching infected blood with bare hands.

You may not actually care about what happened to Patient Smith. Ask questions, sure, but starting with some base of knowledge makes things easier. Your resident will likely stop the show multiple times and try and explain to you why the surgical resident would never be called in to consult on the child with the stomach virus.

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Long story short, I met this banker guy (31 M) earlier in September around the time I was submitting my residency applications; I was not really looking for a serious relationship given that I had no idea where I would end up matching for residency.

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